Lone Tree - Egton Moor

Lone Tree, North Yorkshire

A New Location

Myself and Steve Tierney decided to check out the lone tree on Egton Moor in the North Yorkshire Moors National Park, somewhere we’d not been before but one that seemed to produce nice shots in August with the heather in bloom.


The Shots


Lone Tree - Egton Moor
Lone Tree – Egton Moor



North York Moors Heather Bloom
North York Moors Heather Bloom

The Technique

I used a combination of my new LEE landscape Polariser and a LEE 0.9 ND Hard Grad to balance the harsh light in the sky. Shooting directly in to the sun meant lens flare was again an issue here, I used a combination of layer blending and the clone/healing tools in Photoshop. One exposure was captured for the sky, with another for the darker moors. I then blended the two images together using the Auto-align Layers tool, then a layer mask followed by using the Refine mask settings to create a smooth blend between the two.

The Kit



The Location

Wheeldale Rd, Whitby YO22 5AZ

This tree can easily be spotted from space on Google Maps!



There’s some spaces to park easily nearby on these quiet single-track roads, this is quite a remote setting with only a short walk from the road.


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