Aysgarth Lower Falls – Yorkshire Dales

Kevin Costner, Morgan Freeman and Robin Hood

What do the above have to do with photography I hear you say? Well, as a kid I remember many scenes from Robin Hood Prince of Thieves. The local landscape featured quite a bit in the film from Sycamore Gap in Northumberland to the Yorkshire Dales.


Aysgarth Falls

Kevin Costner got quite a good soaking in Aysgarth Falls in the movie Robin Hood Prince of Thieves.

The Shot



The Technique

I did not have alot of time here, so I set up to take a shot of the water cascading over all of the ledges. Due to the trees wrapping around the horizon I could not use a filter to balance out the bright sky so instead I took a range of exposures with the aim to blend them together in Photoshop later. I took a single bright fast exposure to capture the detail in the shadows of the trees, followed by a long exposure using a LEE Big Stopper to capture the movement in the water. In post processing I used the single exposure for the trees and the long exposure for the water and the sky. I will return to this location and try out my new polariser filter and some alternative compositions.

Aysgarth Falls - Aysgarth Lower Falls
Aysgarth Lower Falls

The Location

Aysgarth Falls National Park Centre. NOTE: Pay and Display, bring change.

Aysgarth, Leyburn, North Yorkshire DL8 3TH (grid reference: SE 012 888)

The featured picture is of the Lower Falls, the movie scenes are at the Upper Falls. To get to the bottom of both the Lower and Upper Falls there is the river cliff wall to scramble down. The Lower falls was relatively easy but not for everyone, I cannot vouch for the Upper Falls yet. Take care around the cliffs and the fast flowing water.

The Coppice Coffee Shop sells excellent local icecream by the Wensleydale Icecream Company, the Chocolate flavour is highly recommended!


Nearby Location: Fountains Abbey


Masham with its Theakston and Black Sheep Breweries for some excellent local beer!


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