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Scaleber Force

Scaleber Force, 30th September 2017

After August’s purple blazes of heather over the moors and the weather on the turn, it’s not long before the trees start to show their autumn colours. Autumn is a beautiful time among our national parks. Having a free afternoon we set off into the Yorkshire Dales to explore the new location of Scaleber Force or Scaleber Foss as it is also known. Just outside of Settle it’s in a very rich and beautiful area and one I know I will be returning to very soon.

Yorkshire Dales Highland CowYorkshire Dales Highland Cow, the gate keeper? (Phone picture)


The Location

Address and postcode: High Hill Ln, Settle BD23 4BB

There’s a couple of parking spaces by the side of the road (free to park).

The falls are signposted from the road and a stile over a stone wall leads you straight to the falls, you will be able to hear them from the road side.

Scaleber Force SignpostScaleber Force Signpost and stile (Phone picture)

Note: access to the bottom of the falls is down a very steep narrow path down and over steep slopes. The path has mostly been laid with rocks; however do take care, especially after rainfall when the path will be muddy and slippery.


Scaleber Foss First GlimpseCaptured on Samsung S6: Scaleber Foss First Glimpse (Phone picture)


The Shot

The late afternoon light was nice and balanced among the trees. There’s a number of paths down, one to the bottom of the falls and the other to the top. There’s two routes to the top, one of which is safer than the other and avoids a climb down a small cliff face.

This is the view from the top. I used a circular polariser to cut down on glare from the water and an exposure time long enough to get a nice movement to the water.

Autumn at Scaleber Force, Yorkshire Dales
Autumn at Scaleber Force, Yorkshire Dales


Scaleber Force Mono
Scaleber Force Mono

Home time

With the last of the day’s light fading it was time to pack up and head home, but seeing the natural beauty of the area for the first time it is definitely a place I intend to return to sometime soon.

We encountered another couple of highland cows ambling along the road before heading off into the long grass lit up by the golden sunset.


On the moors, Yorkshire Dales
Heading home (Phone picture)

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Scaleber Force Waterfall Yorkshire Dales - Print for sale
Scaleber Force Waterfall Yorkshire Dales – Print for sale


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